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Wind is Energy (Primary)

Wind is Energy (Primary)

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Grades K-2

Students begin to develop an understanding of how wind is formed and used as an energy source through hands-on activities and teacher-supported reading. Students will learn to measure wind speed and direction, and investigate how wind can do work. The kit comes with a Teacher Guide, a class set of 30 Student Guides, and the materials necessary to conduct the activities, including two KidWind Weightlifter Turbines.

Student and Teacher guides are also available in PDF format as a FREE download.

Also available as an e-publication:    Teacher Guide    Student Guide

-Wind is Energy Kit with 1 Teacher & 30 Student Guides  $350.00
-One Teacher & One Student Guide  $5.00
-Class Set of 30 Student Guides  $50.00
-Class Set of Wind is Energy Consumables  $62.00
-Wind Can Do Work Mini-Kit $6.00

Materials in Wind is Energy Kit
1 Anemometer
1 Wind gauge
1 Wind vane
36 Pinwheels
75 Snow cone cups
1 Compass
100 Extra-long straws (10”)
40 Small straws
1 Box straight pins
30 Binder clips
30 Pencils
Masking tape
30 Student Guides
50 Dowels
Cardboard sheets
2 Tower and base set-ups
2 Buckets with string
2 Weightlifter nacelles with hubs
50 Washers

Materials in Class Set of Wind is Energy Consumables
36 Pinwheels
75 Snow cone cups
100 Extra-long straws (10”)

40 Small straws
1 Box straight pins
30 Binder clips
30 Pencils
72 Dowel Rods

Materials in Wind Can Do Work Mini-Kit
Suitable for 1 student or small group
1 Foam Cup
10 paper clips
1 Stirrer straw
1 Long straw
1.5’ String
1 Binder Clip
2 Straight pins


Additional wind resources available here.

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