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Wonders of Offshore Wind (Elementary)

Wonders of Offshore Wind (Elementary)

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Grades 3-5

This curriculum was developed by The NEED Project in partnership with The Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation for teachers in Virginia. The activities and information introduce students to wind, wind generation, and offshore wind technologies, as well as the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project.

However, the activities and information are great for students all over the country and beyond. Kit materials are not yet available for purchase. Contact NEED for further information on supplies.

Student and Teacher guides are also available in PDF format as a FREE download.

Also available as an e-publication: Teacher Guide   |   Student Guide

- Wonders of Offshore Wind Teacher Guide free PDF download
- Wonders of Offshore Wind Student Guide free PDF download
- Wonders of Offshore Wind Kit w/ 1 Teacher Guide & Student Guide $375

Materials in Wonders of Offshore Wind Kit 
1 Anemometer
1 Compass
1 Roll masking tape
30 Pencils
30 Binder clips
75 Snow cone cups
1 Box straight pins
100 Extra-long straws
30 Small straws
1 Digital Anemometer
1 Wind vane
1 Set of alligator clips
30 Pinwheels
1 Multimeter
1 Teacher Guide and 1 Student Guide
*KidWind™ Kit

*KidWind™ Kit Materials
50 Dowels
2 Hubs
Blade materials (corrugated plastic, cardboard)
50 Washers
2 Small plastic buckets with string
2 Tower and base setups
1 Weightlifter nacelle (spool only)
1 Assembled geared nacelle (generator attached)
Blade pitch protractor

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