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Science of Energy (E/I/S)

Science of Energy (E/I/S)

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Elementary Guide (Grades 3-5)
Intermediate Guide (Grades 6-8)
Secondary Guide (Grades 9-12)

This unit provides background information and hands-on experiments to explore the different forms of energy and how energy is transformed from one form to another. Groups of students master six stations, then teach others about the energy transformations at their stations. Teacher demonstrations are included to introduce the unit. Reinforcement activities are also included. The stations include equipment to teach transformations focusing on kinetic and potential energy, heat, light, motors, batteries, and electromagnetism. 

The kit includes all three leveled guides (elementary, intermediate, and secondary), which include detailed teacher instructions, student instructions for the six stations, laboratory safety procedures, and the equipment necessary to conduct the experiments. 

Replacement parts can be purchased separately so that the kit can be used for many years. Prices and information about replacement items can be obtained by calling 1-800-875-5029.

Guides are also available in PDF format as a FREE download.

Also available as an e-publication:
Elementary    Intermediate    Secondary

Coal Story Props
Science of Energy PowerPoint

- Science of Energy Elementary Guide free PDF download
- Science of Energy Intermediate Guide free PDF download
- Science of Energy Secondary Guide free PDF download
- Science of Energy Stations 1-6 in Spanish free PDF download
- Science of Energy Kit w/ all 3 leveled guides  $300.00
- Science of Energy Teacher Guide (select which grade level) $7.50
- Class Set of Replacement Consumables  $50.00

Materials In Science of Energy Kit
1 9-Volt Battery
2 Sets of alligator clips
10 Balloons
1 Battery holder
1 Bi-metal bar
1 Empty bottle (for vinegar)
1 Tealight Candle
1 Coated copper wire
1 Compass
1 Container of baking soda
1 Container of calcium chloride
2 Containers of sand (one full, one partially full)
1 Sealed bag of iron oxide
2 Thick copper wires
1 Thin copper wire
1 D Battery
16 Hand warmers 
8 Glow sticks
3 15 mL Measuring cups
1 DC microammeter
3 Motors (one disassembled)
1 Hand generated flashlight
6 Plastic bags
1 Radiometer
30 Rubber bands
1 Set of happy/sad spheres
1 Solar panel kit
1 Superball
3 Thermometers
4 Student thermometers
1 Tin wire
2 Tongs
1 Toy car
2 Live wires (nitinol)
1 Yo-yo
2 Large nails
2 Small nails

Materials In A Class Set of Consumables
8 glow sticks
8 hand warmers
1 jar of calcium chloride
10 balloons
1 toy car
10 rubber bands
1 set of nails and wires
1 solar cell
1 live wire
1 tealight candle 

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