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Energy House

Energy House

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In this activity, students learn about efficiency, conservation, and diminishing returns by using various materials to insulate their house and then test its efficiency.

The Energy House guide is available for free PDF download, as well as an e-publication.

A hands-on kit is available for purchase.
Each kit is enough for one small group and includes:

    • 1 box
    • Bubble wrap insulation
    • Cotton batting insulation
    • Paper wadding insulation
    • Aluminum foil
    • Caulking
    • Weatherstripping
    • 1 Roll of packing tape
    • 1 Sheet of poster board
    • 1 Digital thermometer
    • 1 Sheet of transparency paper

Energy House - a favorite activity!
I have been able do so much more energy education because I didn't have to spend time piecing things together and making do. We are making Energy Houses now.  They are practicing practical skills like planning, cutting, and measuring. This generation lacks a lot of fine motor skills and don't have the opportunity to make things often, so it has been awesome to bring hands on projects to them. The materials have gotten us back to inquiry-based science!  - 7th grade science teacher in Harwich, MA 

Additional energy management materials are available here.

Building Your Energy Efficient House Video
Testing Your Energy Efficient House Video

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