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Energy of Moving Water (Intermediate)

Energy of Moving Water (Intermediate)

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Grades 6-8

In this unit, intermediate students will develop a comprehensive understanding of energy, electricity, hydropower, and emerging ocean energy technologies through inquiry-based activities and background reading. The kit includes a Teacher Guide, a Student Guide, and the materials necessary to conduct the activities. The kit also includes the materials needed to build six model hydropower turbines.

Student and Teacher guides are also available in PDF format as a FREE download.

Also available as an e-publication:    
Teacher Guide    Student Guide

Energy from Moving Water Kit with 1 Teacher & 1 Student Guide  $500.00
One Teacher & One Student Guide  $6.00
Class Set of 30 Student Guides  $85.00
Class Set of Energy of Moving Water Consumables  $100.00

Materials in Energy of Moving Water Kit
6 Bar magnets
3 Horseshoe magnets
3 Ring magnets
15 Compasses
3 Sewing needles
3 Wood disks
3 Magnetic field demonstrators
6 9 V Batteries
3 D Batteries
6 Pieces of coated copper wire
6 Large iron nails
6 Small iron nails
6 Wallpaper pans
6 64 oz. Rectangular jugs
6 Motors
6 Hubs
72 Small dowels
1 Roll double-sided tape
3 Water reservoirs with dispenser caps and tubing
3 Bundles of wooden spoons
3 Funnels
3 Sets of alligator clips
2 Multimeters
Science of Electricity Model*
1 Set of Teacher and Student Guides

*Science of Electricity Model Materials in Kit
1 Small round bottle
1 Spool of magnet wire
1 12” x ¼” Wooden dowel
4 Rectangle magnets
2 Rubber stoppers with ¼” hole
1 Foam tube
1 Set of alligator clips
1 Multimeter
2 Nails

Materials in Class Set of Energy of Moving Water Consumables
6 9 V Batteries
3 D Batteries
6 64 oz. Rectangular jugs
2 Motors
2 Hubs
72 Small dowels
1 Roll double-sided tape
3 Bundles of wooden spoons

Additional hydropower resources available here.

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