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Primary Science of Energy

Primary Science of Energy

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Grades K-3

This guide includes background information and hands-on experiments to explore the fundamental concepts of energy. Students explore the science of motion, heat, sound, and light with a series of simple activities that incorporate both English and metric measurements, using safe student thermometers, balances, rulers, measuring tapes, beakers, and graduated cylinders. Students learn to make observations, measure, record results, compare and contrast, categorize, make predictions, analyze and graph results, and draw conclusions.

The Primary Science of Energy Kit includes a comprehensive, step-by-step Teacher Guide with background information on the energy topics covered, instructional masters, and detailed instructions for each activity. The kit also includes a class set of 30 Student Guides and the materials needed for the students to conduct the experiments. Replacement parts can be purchased separately so that the kit can be used for many years. Prices and information about replacement items can be obtained by calling 1-800-875-5029.

Student and Teacher guides are also available in PDF format as a FREE download.

Also available as an e-publication:    Teacher Guide    Student Guide

Primary Science of Energy Kit w/ 1 Teacher & 1 Student Guide $275.00
One Teacher & One Student Guide $6.00

Materials in Primary Science of Energy Kit
Balance with plastic stacking masses
4 Large balls
Measuring tapes
6 Rulers
2 Plastic containers
1 Set of happy/sad spheres
4 400 mL Beakers
4 100 mL Beakers
2 Pitchers
1 Flip top bottle
2 Small balls—rubber and metal
2 100 mL Graduated cylinders with stands
1 Packet of clay
10 Safety thermometers (C and F)
1 Radiometer
2 Flashlights
1 Wooden spool
1 Slinky
1 Mirror with clips
1 Spectroscope
2 Tuning forks (256 Hz and 1024 Hz)
2 Metal cans
Rubber bands
1 Teacher and Student Guide

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