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H2 Educate (I/S)

H2 Educate (I/S)

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Grades 6-12

Intermediate and secondary students are introduced to hydrogen as an important energy carrier —as a fuel for electricity generation, transportation, and industry.  Students conduct experiments in electrolysis, learn about atomic structure and the periodic table, make molecular models, simulate how a fuel cell works, and explore a hydrogen fuel cell car kit. The kit includes combined Teacher/Student guide, an electrolysis apparatus, materials for small-scale electrolysis experiments, sodium sulfate electrolyte, molecular modeling materials, fuel cell simulation materials, and a model hydrogen fuel cell car kit with a detailed manual.

Teacher/Students Guide is also available in PDF format as a FREE download.

Also available as an e-publication.


- H2 Educate Guide free PDF download
- H2 Educate Kit w/ Teacher/Student Guide   $450.00
- One Teacher/Student Guide   $6.00
- Class Set of H2 Educate Consumables  $85.00

Materials In H2 Educate Kit

1 Brownlee Apparatus
2 Test tubes
2 #1 Rubber stoppers
1,000 mL Beaker
8 Petri dishes
2 Packages graphite electrodes (pencil leads)
16 9-volt Batteries
8 600 mL Beakers
4 AA Batteries
1 Container sodium sulfate
8 Electrolysis apparatuses
2 Extra test tubes
100 ft. Fringe
10 Flashing bulb pins
2 Flashlights (batteries included)
1 Fuel cell car kit
1 Funnel
1 100 mL Beaker
2 Packages clay
25 Wooden splints
100 Small straws
10 Alligator clip sets
1 Pair tongs
1 Teacher/Student Guide

Materials In Class Set of H2 Educate Consumables

16 9-volt Batteries
4 AA Batteries
1 Container sodium sulfate
2 Packages graphite electrodes (pencil leads)
8 Petri Dishes
2 Packages clay
25 Wooden splints
100 Small straws

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